IB Program


We grant lots of opportunities for partnership to persons, legal entities and institutions, who take part in our dedication to perfect customer service and are looking to enlarge their financial position within the industry. The Introducing Broker (IB) program is the most straightforward of these partnerships. The only thing that you will need to do within the IB program, is to bring new customers , just by controlling your own contacts or our marketing resources. When an account is opened by the customer, and the customer starts to trade, you will receive a bonus for their trading activity.

Advantages for Introducing Brokers:

Vying remuneration packages

We are giving reasonable amount for any referral of yours, following our vying remuneration plan. You can get an allowance of up to 10 USD for each round lot, which is transacted by one of the customers that you previously referred.

Different account types and great trading conditions for your clients

We have the resources and technology to support traders and institutions operating at all levels of experience and trading volume. As such, we can offer you the market access you need to support all the types of clients you could introduce. Amecx fund has the assets and the innovation to support the traders and the businesses, which are working at all levels of involvement and trading volume. As such, we are able to offer you the necessary access to the market, so that you can support all the different customers that you managed to present.

A partnership with a broker that you can trust and regulate

Our trading activity is based on customer satisfaction and transparency. We make it possible for you to work with a FCA or CySEC regulated partner, which you can rely on, trust and is completely obedient in its trading activities.

All-inclusive marketing support

We provide to their IB a complete portfolio of approved marketing materials, in order to support them in their success. These materials include printed materials, banners and landing pages. In addition to this, all of the educational materials, used by our clients, remain also at to your disposal.

Access to the data, related to the trading activity of your customer

You get an immediate access on any device and platform, so that you are in the position to perform monitoring of your remuneration amounts via your own IB portal.

Outstanding support and most important – prompt payments!

We take good care of our Introducing Brokers. Our customer support personnel are at your disposal to provide you the help that you require. You receive your compensation in a prompt manner, without any lag. The IBs can withdraw their earnings by using one of the many funding methods that we offer.

Advantages for the customers

We are an acknowledged online Forex & CFD broker, that grants access to over 300+ instruments across six asset classes to the traders. What we can offer to your customers is:

Premium trading conditions

For the clients who use tight spreads on a multitude of highly mobile Forex and CFD markets, we offer Indices from 0.5 points, Currencies from 0.0 pips, Metals from 28 points, Oils from 4 points, also Bonds from +2 pips. We provide an aggressive leverage of up to 1:500.

Progressive Education

Access to detailed and technical analysis, webinars, seminars, online courses, guides, and more than 70+ trading strategies on a daily basis is granted to the customers.

Smooth Trading Experience

The customers can benefit from a strong the trading platform – MT4 – for quick execution, thorough charting tools, and flexible access to the markets.

Permissions to use progressive trading tools

The customers use the advantage of the free access to the Expert Advisors (EAs) and Chart Indicators by us, which are part of the package for the top-tier accounts – for progressive trading and management, complex alarms, excel sheet trading, and deep awareness about the market. You also benefit from the premium insights with our Trader’s Dashboard and the free access to trading signals and receive regular notifications regarding the volatility of the Forex and CFD markets.

Negative balance protection

We guarantee that the customers are never at risk to pay any negative balances, which have fallen underneath the level of their starting deposit.

Compliance with Client Money Regulations

The funds of our customers are fittingly held in segregated accounts in top-tier EU banks, counting Barclays UK, in arrange to be isolated from the company’s own money to get the expected protection of these funds.