Bank Wire Transfer

Options CURRENCIES Fees Min. Deposit Time
from 0 Fees (depends on account choice).
€ 250
2-5 business days

*Withdrawal by bank transfer is processed within 24 hours of receipt of the withdrawal request on business days. As soon as the mandatory security terms have been verified, your funds will be sent to you within 10 working days.

How to Withdraw Funds

Withdrawal Priority Procedure

The withdrawal of your funds is available only to customers who have submitted the required documentation and received approval from the compliance department. Customers must access the Amecx fund’s reserved area to upload the required documents (proof of identity and proof of residence), upon receipt of the confirmation of acceptance of the documentation, funds can be withdrawn without any impediment according to the due timescales.

To ensure that the anti-fraud and money laundering regulations are respected, we process the withdrawal / reimbursement of funds, according to the rules for money laundering policies.

All withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 business hours. Withdrawal requests will be immediately reported in the customer’s account and will be labeled as pending withdrawal. If the customer chooses an incorrect withdrawal method, the customer’s request will be reviewed in accordance with the withdrawal procedure above. All withdrawal requests will be processed in the currency in which the deposits were originally made. If the currency of the account is different from the currency of the transfer made for the deposit, this amount will be converted at the market rate at the specific time.